The Authentic flavour of Minorca since 1940

The origin of flavour

Minorca is a magical island, its landscapes are filled with sensations and the Mediterranean spirit which has inspired every one of our creations for over 80 years.

If there is something that Minorcans associate us with, it is our passion for artisanal traditions. On our island, a broad range of artisanal occupations have been kept alive and allowed to preserve their methods to inspire new generations with their artistry and good taste. Cheese making. Liquors. Costume jewellery The Minorcan boats or the renowned tradition of shoe and sandal making. La Menorquina represents the ice cream tradition that pastry chef Fernando Sintes succeeded in conveying through our island’s values.

It is the origin of flavour.

Life at La Menorquina

Life at La Menorquina. When the passion for a job well done becomes a lifestyle.

From Master Pastry Chef to Master Ice Cream Maker

"El Mestre", Fernando Sintes, was a visionary who, through his effort and dedication, innovated with a variety of traditional La Menorquina products.

The textures and flavours of La Menorquina

La Menorquina’s unmistakable textures reveal the secret of the Origin of Flavour.

The use of cake in frozen desserts

Discover the secrets of La Menorquina’s most traditional recipes and how their production has remained unchanged for so many years.

The origin of frozen fruits

Frozen fruits, an iconic La Menorquina creation that we owe to "El Mestre’s" pursuit of innovation and inspiration.

The authentic flavour of Minorca

La Menorquina is able to portray Minorca’s unique identity through the flavour of its products.

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