The Authentic flavour of Minorca since 1940

Our commitment

Our company strictly controls the food quality and safety of all the products we make. We have professional R&D and Quality departments to ensure that this is our everyday reality.

Our Food Quality and Safety system is IFS certificate*, which is one of the strictest global standards in the field. 

Strict control of a long list of regulations that, year after year, are certified by an independent accredited entity, minimises the presence of unwanted allergens while ensuring the correct labelling of those that may be present. 

Our suppliers and raw materials are carefully selected to comply with these quality criteria, such as the exclusive use of natural aromas, the absence of preservatives and of transgenic products or their by-products.

We are also committed to social responsibility and to the positive impact of our activities. An example of this is the absence of transgenic ingredients in our products, endorsed by the Greenpeace green list. Our ISO 14001 certification is revised every year and renewed every three. It ensures that we maintain an efficient environmental plan focused on sustainability.

We strive to find alternatives every day, by continuously participating in environmental sustainability and, above all, contributing to creating a better world.

*This certification obliges us to work under strict hygienic regulations, including personnel, facilities and processes, with documented and validated procedures for all tasks related to quality and safety. The control plans based on real danger analyses of raw materials, intermediate products, processes and finished products, guarantee safe products for our consumers.

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